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Authentic Empowerment

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Deep within ourselves...behind what we look like, our race, gender, sexual orientation, career choice, hobbies, roles in the community, family of origin, religion, culture and society.... lies our own unique spark of creation. No better or worse than anyone else and still interconnected to the whole, but our one-of-a-kind expression. Only we can bring our own expression to its fullest potential. In doing so, we honor both ourselves and the collective.


About Nicole

I am here to serve the greater good to the best of my ability using my own unique gifts while still honoring and respecting myself. I have held a one-of-a-kind window into the world throughout two decades of working closely with individuals on their healing journeys. Now I share the wisdom I have gained through individual client work with thousands of people and my own evolution in group settings.

Hear Nicole Speak or Attend a Workshop

Many of us were conditioned to think that peace and power are within achievement, romantic relationship or in being accepted or useful in some kind of way, but the most empowering sense of peace is possible when we align with our deepest most authentic truth.


Nicole combines her expertise and passion to inspire and motivate audiences from all walks of life. Whether it's a corporate event, educational seminar, or community gathering, Nicole's captivating delivery and insightful content guarantee an engaging and transformative session. Her dedication to her craft through various channels of integrative mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health shines through as she shares practical strategies and embodiment practices for coming closer to our deepest truth and experiencing authentic empowerment. 


Designed to engage participants on a more experiential level, these workshops offer a dynamic and immersive exploratory experience. They provide an opportunity to explore and develop authentic self-expression, confidence, and resilience. Nicole's expertise in guiding individuals into an enhanced understanding of themselves is used as she facilitates group activities, discussions, and exercises that encourage self-reflection and personal growth. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences with the group to whatever extent is comfortable for them.

1:1 Therapy
or Mentorship

Sometimes, it can serve to carve out time and space where we can allow the focus to be 100% on us, our needs and our growth while experiencing connection and support from someone who knows how to hold space and reflect back to us our own wisdom.  I still work with a limited number of individual clients as a therapist, coach or mentor. If you are seeking emotional support, a coach for your personal evolution, or spiritual/career mentorship, please reach out so we can discuss if I may be a good fit for offering you support on your journey. I offer both virtual and in-person sessions. I do not accept insurance for my services, but we do have clinicians at Bridge Counseling and Wellness if insurance or sliding scale services are preferred. 

Get In Touch

Let’s work together!  Please let me know how I may best serve your group or organization. All inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.  

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Evolve with Me

We all experience a wide range of emotion, have parts about ourselves that we struggle with at times and must face the inevitable ups and downs of life. Only we can walk our own unique path, but we are inherently  interconnected, and us taking responsibility for our healing, growth and gifts serves not only us but the collective as a whole. 

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