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About Nicole

I’m Nicole Sartini, and I am passionate about helping people connect with the deepest truest versions of themselves for the betterment of us all. I am excited and nurtured by the practice of loving from the inside out, meaning, I am dedicated to practicing what I preach first and foremost. I started in the mental health field in 1999 at the age of 19 and after deciding to become a therapist in my own therapist's office in 2004, have practiced as a licensed professional psychotherapist since 2010. I am co-owner, co-founder and Executive Director of Bridge Counseling and Wellness, a thriving integrative mental health counseling center with 5 locations and over 60 team members in Louisville, KY. I also co-own and co-founded The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, an elevated continuing education platform for mental health professionals across the country and beyond. I've had the honor of being an intimate part of thousands of people’s healing journeys, through my role within our group practice which has served tens of thousands of people and through my own personal work as a therapist and trauma survivor. I received the undeniable call to share what I have learned through these experiences in a broader way, and so that is what I am doing.  So far, my speaking work has been streamed to 6 countries through an opportunity with Fortune 500 company, Brown-Forman, and presented to multiple professional leadership groups, nonprofit organizations and health and wellness settings including counseling practices and yoga studios. I am committed to fully manifesting my life’s purpose and await in gratitude as the Universe continues to illuminate the path before me.


I am dedicated to serving the greater good to the best of my ability while still honoring and respecting myself. As a perpetual student of the Universe and a compassionate teacher in service to the Divine, I share the wisdom gained from my experiences in mental health and personal transformation through public speaking, workshops, and writing. I follow this path with gratitude and humility as I believe all people are equal regardless of their chosen trajectory. My ultimate aspiration is to operate from the deepest knowing within myself so I may leave a lasting legacy of love that transcends time, positively impacting generations to come. I am driven by the belief that every human being, including you and I, deserves the profound joy of reconnecting with their authentic truth, and thus, I am on a purposeful mission to do my small part in co-creating a world where Authentic Empowerment is available to all who seek it.

Core Values


We may be further along or behind one another in some aspects of this life curriculum, but we are never better or worse than each other. I embrace the role of a lifelong student of the Universe, constantly learning and growing alongside my audience. By fostering an environment of shared knowledge and understanding, I help empower individuals to recognize their own innate wisdom and potential.



We have the freedom and authority to change, evolve, and grow as we desire. We have the power to step into our authenticity, own our truth and embrace the fullness of our being. We can break free from the conditioning we have received that no longer serves and unearth free-er truer versions of ourselves throughout our entire lives should we want to.


When we love in-kind, we accept that we don’t have to. We accept that it is by choice, that we may not get anything in return. We make the donation of our love to the sea of mankind and let it free with abandon. I seek to embody loving presence to the best of my ability in this lifetime. Love serves as the guiding force in every aspect of my work. With a compassionate approach to life, we create safe spaces for healing, growth and evolution.


Get In Touch

Let’s work together!  Please let me know how I may best serve your group or organization. All inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.

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Evolve with Me

We all experience a wide range of emotion, have parts about ourselves that we struggle with at times and must face the inevitable ups and downs of life. Only we can walk our own unique path, but we are inherently  interconnected, and us taking responsibility for our healing, growth and gifts serves not only us but the collective as a whole. 

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