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A Deeper Sense of "I"

It’s a makeup-free day here in Arizona, but I am feeling beautiful inside. What is captured in a snapshot of anyone is but a fraction of our fullness.

In this moment, I have embraced a deeper sense of “I”. From this inner being, physical form is secondary, a tool for the Divine to express itself through “me”. A means for evolving my soul through the heartbreak and joy of human living. A self to carry through the world in loving presence with compassion for the complexity of us all.

Feelings and thoughts come and go, and sometimes they aren’t very pleasant. But there is a deeper stream of peace that is possible beneath the movement of life’s ups and downs. For me, it was found when the suffering became nearly unbearable, and I chose the path of surrendering to what was. Allowing and trusting the Universe to hold and carry me through my pain. To let go of what I needed to let go of and allow in the peace.

If you are interested in the path of surrender and feel alone on your journey, please feel free to reach out. Through our shared consciousness, we are better able to help make the world a more peaceful and loving place.

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