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A Rainbow of Existence

It is all you, dear one.

You are a rainbow of existence,

The peace, the celebrating, the fear, the beauty, the “mistakes”, the compassion, the laughter, the lightness, the rage, the knowing, the confusion, the coming to understand, the radiance, the longing, the rejection, the stillness, the insight, the inspiration, the magic.

Perfection cannot begin to contain you.

Let the pulse of life breathe you like the multidimensional being of love that you are.

Let this cosmic elixir of two parts “I am ready” and one part “no I’m not” drip from your mouth like savage truth sweetening this earth with its juicy sticky wisdom.

Let the sweat of your fear wipe off any mask hiding your whole beautiful self, let it reveal the glistening ebb and flow of your open heart.

There is nothing wrong with your uniqueness. The Universe longed you into being exactly as you are. You are here for the depths and the heights.

You are here to translate them, teacher.

Let the mess of your aliveness trail behind you as you shed layer after layer and climb into the next glorious creation remembering that courage is only possible when we are afraid, and you, my love, are fiercely courageous.

Go ahead and carry that child self on your own damn hip. Collect every version you have been along the way until now and let them know you understand. They are welcome and wiser and loved and safer now.

Your medicine is a one-of-a-kind thread of the great mysteries spilling forth into the web of life. Let it free. It belongs to creation.

Your crone self calls upon you to come hither. The journey simply doesn’t stop here, you see. There is more to do with that uniqueness. More to experience within that rainbow. You have sharpened the sword quite well. Let it penetrate this moment in time with its blade of surrendering love.

Now yourself towards her, dear.

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