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We have all experienced various forms of familial, environmental, cultural, and societal conditioning.The process of looking inward to determine what lies beneath that conditioning allows us to discover our own deepest and most soul-aligned truth. It helps protect us from the illusion that we have to do this thing or that thing to be worthy, empowered or free. It can protect us from being susceptible to things like manipulation, distraction, rumination and allow us to live in greater alignment with what lights us up and most serves the world.

Speaking and Workshop Topics:

Most topics can be presented in combination or on their own:

Parallel Sovereignty

Authentic Empowerment looks different for all of us because we are all here learning different things. However it looks on the outside, the directions for moving forward are found in the depths of our own being. Authentic empowerment asks us to be self-sovereign and accept full responsibility for our own healing, growth, and gifts, and for evolving within our own unique set of experiences. Parallel Sovereignty reminds us that it can be helpful to encourage one another and offer each other support, but no one can truly walk our path but us, and that goes both ways. We must also allow others to be on their own path. This session is especially helpful for folx who have struggled with codependency.

Facing our Fullness

Authentic empowerment requires us to build the capacity to face ourselves in our entirety, including the parts that are challenging to look at with sincerity and honesty so we can learn how and why we get hooked into patterns that no longer serve and unlearn them. It asks us to make room for our whole selves and to bring love and acceptance to our fullness. We are worthy just as we are even with the parts we find challenging to be with, and if we stay open to it, we may even find diamonds within the rough. This session is especially helpful for people who have dealt with shame, fear of "being wrong" or judgment of self and others.

Allowing Emotion

Authentic Empowerment asks us to allow emotions of all kinds to move through us without denying, shoving away or over-attaching to them. Genuine happiness can be a brilliant indicator that we are on a healthy track for ourselves, and it feels wonderful. But sadness, anger, grief….all other emotion has value too. It is often in our lowest moments that life reveals its greatest lessons, and we learn to a more embodied level who we really are. These more challenging emotions and experiences help us build empathy, and experience ourselves in resilience, forgiveness, or in our power to say no to what was no longer working. This session is especially helpful for those who identify as "overemotional" or emotion-avoidant.

Accepting Challenge is Inevitable

Authentic Empowerment invites us to accept that challenge itself is part of the human experience. It both sucks, and it is the grace by which we evolve our souls. It doesn't always make sense the way our minds would like it to. Acceptance rather than resistance, allows us to move through challenges with more ease. The challenges that inevitably arise in life are opportunities for growth and evolution. We can be open to the possibility that not everything is as rigidly “good” or “bad” as our human minds want to make it out to be. We benefit from bringing the same grace, love, and acceptance to challenge as we do to our fullness and our emotions. This session could be especially helpful for folx who seek to feel less victimized by their lives and reclaim a greater sense of authority for their wellbeing.

Experiencing Oneness

Authentic Empowerment asks us to recognize that we are not only our own individual selves, but the collective as a whole, and learn to exist from a place of love for ourselves and others in a truly unconditional way. It doesn’t mean that we like or agree with everyone and everything or that we don’t honor boundaries, but we recognize that all of life holds value in its own unique way. Some spiritual teachers describe a sense of “fading” into Oneness, or tapping into a deeper sense of "I" that goes beyond just ourselves. When we let go of excessive focus on differentiating ourselves to justify or prove our worthiness and focus instead on being our highest expressions of our authentic truth for both ourselves and others, we have an opportunity to make a powerful, and a “power with” impact. This session is especially helpful for those on an awakening and/or social services/community-building path.

Inside the Mind

Join Nicole to explore the science behind growth and resilience and learn about rumination/repetitive thinking patterns and strategies for breaking their cycle, the brain's reward system and how to work with this system to positively impact overall well-being, how our brains adapt and grow through neuroplasticity, confirmation bias- what it is and how can we use it to better supervise our minds, and more. This workshop has more of an "educational" feel and may be especially helpful for people who want to set themselves up to break habits that have been harmful to their evolution and reach new levels of whatever they view as "success".  

Self-Care for Leaders

Sometimes the needs of our community feel so urgent, that it seems like an inefficient use of our time to focus on taking care of ourselves. But in order to make a life of service to the whole sustainable, it is absolutely necessary that we love from the inside out. We have the honor and responsibility of caring for ourselves. Join Nicole to talk about heart-led leadership, the challenges and joys that come with it and how to care for our bodies, minds and spirits along the way. May we do our best to serve the greater good to the best of our abilities using our own unique gifts while still honoring and respecting ourselves. 

I am versed in and have spoken on a variety of mental, emotional and spiritual health related topics. Should you be interested in a customized presentation or workshop, I'm open to discussing your needs. My talks and workshops are a meaningful choice for those aiming to offer their audience insights that extend beyond the usual "stress management" offerings.

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Evolve with Me

We all experience a wide range of emotion, have parts about ourselves that we struggle with at times and must face the inevitable ups and downs of life. Only we can walk our own unique path, but we are inherently  interconnected, and us taking responsibility for our healing, growth and gifts serves not only us but the collective as a whole. 

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